JULY 2016

Kevin & Mark take the strain at CLub Regatta Kim & Jackie Storm home at Club Regatta
JULY 3 Local (7)        
10.30 race 1 Obsession (R.Joy) Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) Contest (G.Pinder A. Blezard) hyakutake (Phil Parker)
11.20 Race 2 Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) One For The Road (J.Mayfield K.Mayfield) Hyakutake (Phil Parker) Obsession (R.Joy)
12.05 Race 3 Club 2 (P.Parker G.Pearson) Hyakutake (Phil Parker) Magpie (D.Hickman T.Tracy) Shibboleth (D.Woolston m.Woolston)
July 10 Downriver (5)        
10.20 Production Cruisers Pegasus 700 (D.Watson Bev) Lucy (D.Mortlock K.Mortlock)    
10.30 Allcomers Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) Millchic (I.Shepherd A.Cornwall) Magpie (D.Hickman J.Robertson) Club 1 (I.Barker A.Friend)
10.20 CRUISERS DOWNRIVER May (K.Rhead) Brigand (C.Brown)    
10.30 DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS TROPHY RACE 1 One For The Road (K.Mayfield A.Friend) Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston W.Woolston) Obsession (R.Joy) Falspar (B. Adams A.Sant)
11.20 DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS TROPHY RACE 2 One For The Road (K.Mayfield A.Friend) Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston W.Woolston) Club 1 (I.Barker J.Robertson) Falspar (B.Adams A.Sant)
12.00 DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS NOVICES Shibboleth (W.Woolston M.Woolston) Falspar (Lynn Goddard Ben Adams) W6494 (W.Johnston Mr Johnston) Club 1 (D.Czapp)
13.30 CHAMPAGNE BUBBLY H'CAP FOR LADIES One For The Road (J.Mayfield) Magpie (D.Jaffey D.Hickman) Millchic (J.Robertson L.Goddard) Contest (A.Blezard J.Pinder)
14.20 PRODUCTION CRUISERS Dumpling (D.Durrant D.Greenacre)    
14.30 DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS TROPHY RACE 3 Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston W.Woolston) Magpie (D.Hickman D.Jaffey) Obsession (R.Joy) One For The Road (J.Mayfield A.Friend)
15.20 DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS TROPHY RACE 4 Magpie (D.Hickman D.Jaffey) Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston W.Woolston) Obsession (R.Joy)

Herbie (J.Bolton D.Edwards)

CRUISERS May (k.Rhead) Brigand (C.Brown)    
LADIES CHAMPAGNE J.Mayfield D.Jaffey J.robertson  
DINGHIES R.Joy I.Barker N.Kippin  
HALFDECKERS D.Woolston D.Hickman B.Adams  
DINGHIES & HALFDECKERS NOVICE W.Woolston L.Goddard W.Johnston  
REGATTA TANKARD D.Woolston      
JULY 24 Downriver (6)
Picnic (1)
10.20 Cruiser (5)
Picnic (1)
  Downriver Leg Brigand (C.Brown) Golden Moon (Rtd) Marigold (Rtd)  
  Upriver leg Not Raced      
  Overall Result Brigand (C.Brown)      
10.30 Allcomers        
  Downriver Leg Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) Spin Doctor (J.Wells S.Watt) Club 1 (G.Pearson P.Parker Magpie (D.Hickman J.Robertson)
  Upriver Leg Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) Club 1 (P.Parker G.Pearson) Magpie (D.Hickman J.Robertson) Spin Doctor (J.Wells S.Watt)
  Overall Result Shibboleth (D.Woolston M.Woolston) Spin Doctor (J.Wells S.Watt) Magpie (D.Hickman J.Robertson)  
July 31 Local (8)        
10.30 Race (1) Club 1 (P.Parker) Magpie (D.Hickman D.Jaffey) W6494 (N.Kippin Mrs Kippin) One For The Road (K.Mayfield J.Mayfield)
11.20 Race (2) W6494 (N.Kippin Mrs Kippin) Club 1 (P.Parker) One For The Road (J.Mayfield K.Mayfield) Magpie (D.Hickman D.Jaffey)
12.05 Race (3) Magpie (D.Hickman D.Jaffey) Falspar (B.Adams J.Robertson) One For The Road (J.Mayfield K.Mayfield) Spin Doctor (J.Wells S. Watt)