Upon returning to the jetty the crew should leave the boat and secure it with the Painter.  The crew should then hold the shroud, on the jetty side of the boat, to keep the boat against the jetty.
If the mainsail has not already been lowered on the water, prior to reaching the jetty, then lower the mainsail;


Release the Kicking Strap, then release the main Halyard (red rope) from the mast cleat.  

2. Pull the Boom out of the Mast Gooseneck fitting and lower the Boom.  The Helm should support the end of the Boom to stop this crashing into the bottom of the boat when the main halyard is released.
3. Pull the mainsail Luff down and tidy into the boat as it falls. If the mainsail is reluctant to fall, check at the bottom of the Mast for any fouling of the halyard at the mast sheave. (This can frequently form a loose knot if the halyard has been coiled). The Helm should help tidy the mainsheet and keep this clear of the water during this operation.
4. Release the Highfield Lever at the mast (keep your fingers clear of the lever when you pull it down as it snaps fairly violently towards the Mast).
5. Unhook the  wire loop from the Highfield Lever and pull the Jib down, the Jib may stick when the wire to rope join passes through the halyard sheave at the base of the mast, an extra tug should free the halyard and allow the Jib to fall cleanly, gather in the Jib as it falls so it doesn't fall into the water.


Release the Tiller bungee cord from the Tiller tube cleat, pull the Tiller retaining split pin from the Rudder head, remove the Tiller and place in the bottom of the boat.


Lean over the Transom and pull the Rudder up and into the boat.


Finally push the Centerboard forward into its fully up position and secure with the bungee cord to the rubber stops. The Dinghy is ready to be recovered with the launching trolley.

Getting Out Of The Water


The Helm can now leave the boat and position the launching trolley on the slipway partially submerged.  The crew can move the boat slowly forward towards the trolley until the Painter can be thrown to the Helm for final guidance onto the trolley. The crew should keep hold of the shroud if possible or rig the mainsheet to the seat to stop the stern of the boat from swinging out from the jetty and missing the centre of the trolley.

10. When the boat is on the trolley the crew should join the Helm in pulling the boat up the slipway, if this proves difficult then find assistance or use the winch to recover the dinghy.

Once at the top of the slipway check the boat is central on the trolley and reposition if not.

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