If you are racing it is worth also draining the bow section

The drain plug is located just forward of the Centreboard case.



There is no need to use the Piston Hanks on the Jib Luff to secure the sail to the Forestay as the Highfield lever will tighten the Halyard sufficiently to prevent any sag in the Jib.



Always fit the rudder/tiller assembly before hoisting the sails.

If your crew is distracted, you may find yourself sailing away from the jetty with no means of steering the boat to safety.




It is at this point that the boom will try to move under the foredeck and jam, ease the boom backwards to clear whilst completing the hoist. The boom should be approx. 2 to 3cm above the gooseneck fitting when fully hoisted.




Adjust the Kicking Strap to suit the conditions using the following as a guide:

Light Breeze

Moderate Winds

Strong Breeze

Tighten Kicking Strap as tight as possible

Ease Kicking Strap to just hold boom down

Tighten Kicking Strap as tight as possible





Make sure your crew knows what your plans for the trip are and that they are happy with them.

An informed crew is a happy crew!!!!!





Check the Forestay is securely held in place at the Stemhead fitting before lowering the Jib (it has not been unknown for the split ring and pin to work loose under the vibration of sailing and be lost over the side).

Replace the pin or jury rig the Forestay on the jetty before recovery or recover the boat with the Jib up and replace the Forestay pin on the Dinghy Park. (If a crew member holds the mast, the other can remove the Jib and use the Jib Stemhead pin to secure the Forestay into its correct position, report the loss of the pin in the normal manner).