Packing Away


Check the boat again for water and drain if required (see Draining).


Remove the Jib with the Jib sheets attached, check for damage and then lay flat on the Dinghy Park and fold or roll neatly.


Attach the Jib sheet Halyard shackle to the Mast ring, tighten the Halyard and secure to the Mast cleat. Repeat this procedure with the mainsheet Halyard.


Fit the boom back onto the Gooseneck fitting with the mainsail groove facing the side of the boat (i.e. turned through 90 degrees) and tighten the Kicking Strap to secure the boom to the mast (do not remove the mainsail from the boom).


Remove the sail battens and place next to the rear hatch cover.


Slacken the Clew outhaul at the mainsheet end of the Boom to relieve tension on the foot of the mainsail then flake the mainsail from the Boom down onto the side seat in the cockpit.


Place the flaked or rolled Jib on the vacant side seat opposite the mainsail. Do not place the Jib sheets on top of the Jib, place them onto the cockpit floor or onto the rear buoyancy box.


Tidy the mainsheet neatly onto the back deck


Stow all loose items of equipment (paddle, bailer, rudder and tiller) neatly either on the floor or under the foredeck.
10. Remove all rubbish from the boat and if necessary wipe down the decks, floorboards and hull with a sponge.
11. Fit the overboom cover and securing, passing the straps under the trolley where this is possible. 
12. Finally secure the painter to the trolley handle.

Before you leave make sure any damage or problems have been reported in the book in the clubhouse.