Accidents and Incidents

Sailing is usually a relatively safe past time, however, even the most experienced sailor can be involved in an incident from time to time. Should you be unfortunate to be involved in an incident either on the water or on CHSC premises please follow the few simple guidelines below:

The Club holds full insurance cover on both Wayfarer Dinghies.  It is a requirement of the insurance that the boat is being used in a responsible and safe manner and is under the control of a suitably qualified club member at all times (not necessarily on the helm but must be in the boat).  Competency tests can be arranged by contacting Paul Tegerdine.

Incidents Involving Minor Damage to Club Boats or Property

For minor damage to a club boat, that does not prevent it from being used, please enter the details in the faults book in the club house and contact the Club Bosun with the details.

For minor damage to club property please contact a committee member as soon as possible.

Incidents Involving Major Damage to Club Boats or Property

If you are involved in any incident on the water which results in major damage to a club dinghy or to a third party's vessel or property please complete an Incident Report as soon as practically possible (preferably before leaving the dinghy park).

Please ensure you obtain full details of the other party and their vessel.

As soon as possible contact one of the Club Flag Officers (preferably within 24 hours) and report the incident.

Incidents Involving Serious Injury

In the unfortunate event that you, your crew or a third party are involved in an incident on club premises which results in any form of serious injury please contact one of the Club Flag Officers as soon as possible and report the incident.